Standard Mental Health First Aid Refresher Course/Tamworth

DATE 15 November 2019

TIME 9:00AM - 1:00PM

Price $105 pp

Any adult who has completed a 12 hour standard Mental Health First Aid Course is able to attend this 4 hour face to face training in order to become reaccredited for another 3 years.For those looking to do a refresher course, your accreditation will only be extended if you have previously undertaken a face-to-face or blended MHFA course on or after July 1 2015, not before that date. If you are unsure of your accreditation type or status, please mhfa[at]mhfa[dot]com[dot]au


Evaluations consistently show that MHFA training is associated with improved knowledge of mental illnesses, their treatments and appropriate first aid strategies, and confidence in providing first aid to individuals with mental illness. It is also associated with decreased stigma and an increase in help provided.

You will

  • Gain an understanding of the latest research in the mental health field

  • Learn the 3 key actions for helping someone feeling suicidal

  • Work through complex mental health first aid interactions

  • Practice mental health first aid skills.

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