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Mon 28 February 2022

Mental Health First Aid Training Singleton

Mental Health First Aid Training Singleton

"Sarah was an absolutely amazing instructor & made our group feel very welcome. Sarah was wonderful at facilitating conversation, and allowed us to collectively share our views. Sarah was wonderful to have a laugh with which was nice in such a content heavy and sensitive course."

"Great Instructor"

"Very educational yet the personal stories kept it conversational and practical"

"Sarah was great, very passionate about her job and very easy to understand"

"She is fantastic."

"I thoroughly absorbed the content of this course and this was mainly due to the engaged, helpful and informative method and personality of the instructor."

"Thank you for the 2days you spent with us giving us the skills to work more closely with the clients that present at our service."

"Sarah is a very knowledgeable presenter and a wonderful advocate for mental health. If I needed mental health help she is the chick I would want in my corner!"

"Exceptional. Sarah was very engaging, very informative and easily approachable. Highly skilled trainer."

"Sarah used humour appropriately, asked open ended questions, was clear and direct in her feedback while showing empathy and under standing when attendees shared personal stories."

"Sarah was a fantastic instructor, backed up with a lot of industry & life experiences"