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Tue 12 October 2021

Living With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

As I have been so private with my struggle it means they have not seen the obsessive and compulsive components to a condition like this and how debilitating it can be. I needed them to understand the impacts of when things aren’t lined up perfectly or the sequence of my routines are interrupted, how debilitating and life altering this can be, with the all-consuming anxiety and frustration, complete and total devastation ensues.

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Mon 04 October 2021

Understanding Binge Eating Disorder

Every emotion I have is connected with food – if I am bored, lonely, sad, distressed, anxious or overwhelmed… then I eat. If I am having a good day or something good happens then celebration with food occurs. I spend my days feeling so misunderstood and scared because it’s a horrible way to live. On the outside I just look like the happy thick girl, jovial and on the overweight side but living her best life. What an absolute false narrative of a life to live by.

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Tue 21 September 2021

James's Advice To Help Others

Here is what I want other young people to know or here is what I wished I knew when I was in the thick of my depression. 1. Tell someone how you are feeling. So many other people have been down the same path and made it through to the other side, just like me. I got trapped in thinking I was all alone and that no one will understand. That person doesn't need to be a medical professional, just someone you trust and can be completely honest with.

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Mon 13 September 2021

Being Proactive with Your Diagnosis

Just as I have had to trial different meds to find what works for me, I have also had to trial different counsellors to find the right fit and I have had to trial different coping strategies. No one else can dictate or prescribe these, you need to find the individual ones that work for you and your personal situation all while being sufficiently supported. Everyone has a story and this just happens to be mine.

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Mon 06 September 2021

Teenage Domestic Violence

What started as lustful friendship slowly but ever so surely turned into obsession and control. I didn’t know that boyfriends were not supposed to manipulate you to engage in sex acts. Or that it’s not ok to have someone need to know where you are at ALL times and with who and to be in constant communication when not together.

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Sun 29 August 2021

The Importance of Finding the Right Help

I am so grateful for my second experience, but I was so close to giving up on getting help after my first experience was so negative and it terrifies me to think of where I may have ended up. It is also so concerning how many other people give up after their first experience of counselling if it’s a negative one. I can’t stress enough that you really need to find the one that’s right for you.

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